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    Contact Management Questions

  •  How do we import contact phone numbers into our distribution lists?

    To begin the import process you will first need to contact a Marketing Consulting representative for a Marketing Consulting Import Agreement. The contract states that your contacts have been voluntarily opted–in (meaning obtained) to receive text messages from your account, and ensures that you will not spam them. You will need to sign and return the form to us via email or fax. Once Marketing Consulting has received the signed contract, a member of the Marketing Consulting team will review and enable the importing feature on your account.

    Once you are approved, we highly suggest you run your numbers through the Utilities filtering feature provided on your account before importing. This will separate the phone land-lines from the mobile phone numbers. The Utilities feature can be found under the “Manage Contacts” page on your account. It will only accept uploads from CSV (comma separated value) excel files in the format of:

    Column A – Mobile Number (No leading 1s or 0s; No symbols)
    Column B – First Name
    Column C – Last Name

    Once you run the CSV file through the Utilities feature, Marketing Consulting will filter the file into 2 different CSV files; One for the mobile numbers (which you may import after approval), and another for non-mobile numbers.

    When you are ready to begin the Import process, just click onto the “Manage Contacts” page on your account, and select the bubble that says “Import US Mobile Numbers from a spreadsheet file saved in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format”. You will then be prompted to upload the contacts from your CSV files into your desired distribution lists.
  •  I want to create a completely new distribution lists. If a number has already been pinged when previously uploaded, will I have to ping that number again and use yet another text credit?

    If the contact is in a distribution list on your current account, you will not be charged. If the contact is deleted before the duplicate is uploaded, you would be charged a second time. If you use the Utilities feature to upload the list, and filter the non-mobile numbers the list is kept on the server and you will never be charged a second time for importing those numbers even if they are removed from your distribution lists.

    General Marketing Consulting Questions

  •  What if I want to change or cancel my account?

    To change your account settings, please go under Manage Account on your Marketing Consulting account. If you need further assistance in your account settings please call (888) 255-4611. To cancel your account, please submit a support request and a Marketing Consulting representative will contact you.