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You've seen the same technology on American Idol or heard it on the radio. People can text your keyword to 96362 to join your mobile distribution list and start receiving your messages on their phones. You can also setup an automated response to be texted back to them.

Here's an example:

 Person texts "HYUNDAI" to 96362

 Person receives an automated text message right back. Maybe something like, "Thanks for joining VIP Entertainment's mobile list. Show this text to receive 50% off cover. Huge event this Sat at Club LAX so check it out. For more info go to Support@mobilemc1.com."

 Person has opted in to join your mobile list by texting your production company's keyword, and now using Marketing Consulting you can text this party-goer in the future to keep him/her in the loop at all times.

Advertise your Mobile Keyword in :

 Have the DJ promote your keyword between songs
 Let people know about the keyword as they're waiting in line. Maybe they can text the keyword on the spot so they don't have to wait in line or they get discounted cover.

Create an Online Sign-up page for every distribution list you want to create, or even for every big event you want to throw. You can customize the background of each sign up page differently to match each and every event and your website's theme.

Collect mobile numbers, IM screen names, and email addresses. You can collect one type of contact information, or ALL of them.

Click here to see an example!

For more information about Online Sign-up Pages, click here.